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- Legal Advice
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- Legal Advice
In agreement with the obligations foreseen in the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of services of the society of the information and of electronic commerce (in forward, LSSICE), the mercantile society Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L. puts to disposition the following information:

According to the Annexe of the LSSICE, Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L. identifies as lender of services and holder of the web page, in that it offers services of juridical updated information as well as the service of access to zone exclusive and restricted to clients, previous formal request, for the visualization of the processes.

INFORMATION COMPANY: the company AZAGRA PATENTES Y MARCAS, S.L. is a mercantile society with CIF n º B 50671239 with fiscal domicile in P º Damas, 17, principal center, ZIP code 50008 city SARAGOSSA inscribed in the Mercantile Record of Saragossa, volume 1896 I foliate 96 leaf(sheet) number Z-18044, inscription 3 ª, telephone / fax n º 902330220. And EMAIL ADDRESS: administració

The juridical services that the professional office gives Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L., to title of the web page, they are ruled by the professional procedure applicable to the profession of the Law and of the Agents of Industrial Property and are adapted to the available codes of conduct in the following page: and

- Conditions
The web page contains information updated of juridical character. And it offers the following services to clients on-line:

- Access to information updated about rights of industrial, intellectual property and protection of personal information, news and links (see Rights Reservation separated).

- Access to zone restricted for the visualization of processes, previous formal request to the company Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L. of a user's name and paswoord of access (see PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA).

Azagra Patentes y Marcas is not included between the services offered by the company, S.L. across the web page the services of consultancy or juridical specializing advice.

The client declares that he has the legal necessary aptitude to deal and accept the present conditions of use.
The client promises to use the web page in conformity with the established in this LEGAL NOTICE. The client promises to use the information contained in the web page exclusively for his own needs. The client promises not to use the information and contents of the web page of opposite form to arranged in the in force legislation that is of application. The holder of the web page in no case will be responsible for the hurts that the client could cause for the erroneous or undue use of the web page, assuming the expenses, coasts and indemnifications that could stem from the processes initiated against him by breach of the established in the present legal notice.

Besides, and respect of the paswoord of access to the restricted zone, the client promises to support the confidentiality of the proportionate key of access, being responsible for the loss or transfer to third for saying paswoord as well as for the information or documents that he could receive depending on the above mentioned service.

The holder of the web page saves himself the right not to grant access to the services and contents when like that he considers it opportune and suitable. Of equal form he saves itself the right to withdraw the access to zones restricted of the web page, without need of previous notice, from any user who counter avenges arranged in this legal notice.

Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L. will follow due with the duty of collaboration of the administrative and judicial corresponding authorities established in the art. 11 of the LSSICE, facilitating the information and information that are forced to provide. In another case, it(he,she) will be able neither to sell, to yield, to hire nor to transmit information or information of personal character of his(her,your) clients to third not related to the presentation(service) of the juridical services.

- Rights Reservation
Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L. is a holder of the rights of intellectual and industrial property that on the emblem, domain, design, code of programming, images, textures, graphs, texts and any other information that forms a part of the contents of the page and that is protected in accordance with the legislation of intellectual Spanish and community in force property.

Al mismo tiempo, Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L. saves itself the copyrights, distribution, public communication and modification of the above mentioned contents as well as any other right of intellectual property that could correspond, prohibiting the exercise of these rights without express authorization. Any exercise of the previous rights, with independence of the way or form in which they take place, needs of the previous and written authorization of Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L.

Users, clients or holders of other web pages who propose to establish links to the web page will have to request before authorization written to Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L., Prohibiting the establishment of links that are not to the principal page or homepage of The establishment of the link does not involve in any case the existence of mercantile relations between Azagra Patentes y Marcas and the owner of the site who takes interest either as the link or the acceptance or approval of the contents or services of the above mentioned page or of the responsibility of the integrity or veracity on the above mentioned contents.

The holder of the web page saves himself the right to modify the contents or services that integrate the web page, without need to communicate it before, when it should consider it suitable in agreement with the exercise of its rights.

- Protection of personal data
In fulfillment of arranged in the article 5 of the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Information of Personal Character, we inform him about the existence of an automated file of information of personal character which holder and person in charge is Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L.. The existence of the file has been due notified to the Spanish Agency of Protection of Information. The withdrawal and treatment of the personal information, incorporated into the above mentioned file, has as purpose answer to the consultations and manage the services requested by the clients, offer information of interest, as well as the accomplishment of commercial communications to the same ones.

Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L.. compromises itself to the fulfillment of the obligation of secret respect of the personal facilitated information as well as to the duty to guard them, in the form established in the article 10 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of Protection of Information of Personal Character, and adopts, to these effects, the necessary measures of technical, organizational nature and of safety to avoid alteration, loss, treatment or not authorized access, in agreement to the established in the article 9 of the mentioned regulation and in the Royal decree 994/1999, of June 11, by which there is approved the regulation of safety measures of the automated files that contain information of personal character.

That the present web page does not use cookies, and that in case we were observing that use should carry a better service for our clients, these would be due informed about its use, consequences and possible voluntary exclusion.That the personal facilitated information will not be an object of transfer to any other entity.

You will be able to exercise at all time your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of personal information, regulated in the Organic Law 15/1999 of Protection of Information of Personal Character, by means of communication signed and sent to: Azagra Patentes y Marcas, S.L..

- Responsability
The holder of the web page does not offer guarantee in relation to which web site and his service of reservation is operative at all time, and does not guarantee that all the contents gathered in its sections are updated at all time. The holder is not played the role responsible for the delays or the failures that take place in the access, functioning and operability of the portal or in its services or contents, as well as of the interruptions, suspensions or the evil functioning of the same one either, when they had its origin in breakdowns produced by reasons of major force, urgency carries to extremes, strikes, assaults or computer interferences or any fortuitous reason.

Though the information included in the web site has developed on a juridical firm base, it does not have for what being necessarily exhaustive, it completes, exact or to be updated, owed in its case to the variations that could take place in the regulation, jurisprudence or other considered documents of interest.

Therefore, the utilization of the information provided across this web site is an exclusive responsibility of the user, not constituting a legal advice, and not being Azagra Patentes y Marcas S.L. in any case responsible for the mistakes or omissions that could exist as well as of the application or concrete use that could be played the role of the same one.

- Competent law is a web site which services lend only in the Spanish territory, therefore the site is orientated towards clients established or domiciled in Spain. For the suppositions in which the client had his domicile out of Spain, the present conditions of use are ruled exclusively by the Spanish law, by express application of arranged in the art. 1262 of the Civil Code, in relation to arranged in cl Chapter IV, of the Preliminary Title of the same legal body.

The company and the client, with resignation expresses to any other jurisdiction that should correspond to them, they surrender to the courts and courts of the city of Saragossa (Spain).

- More Information
The holder of the web page, identified in this legal notice, puts at the disposal of the client and the users of the page the following numbers of telephone and email address. For any request of additional information, suggestion or offer be contacted to the email address administració, or to the following numbers of telephone of attention to the client 902 330 220 or 976 239908.